Building Surveys in Chelmsford

Once you’ve found your perfect new property in Chelmsford, it is recommended that you get your own Building Survey.

A Building Survey is the most detailed report available which involves a thorough visual inspection of the outside and inside of the property as well as the related services and outbuildings. A Building Survey can report on any type of property, but is particularly relevant to those which are listed, old, or in a poor state of repair. It would also be recommended for any properties built of non-traditional materials.

The report itself contains detailed descriptions of the methods of construction and materials used within each main part of the property. It will also describe the actual cause of any particular defects and provide appropriate advice on essential repairs and any future maintenance considerations. Where necessary, guidance is given regarding the need to obtain specialist reports or quotations so you are aware of the full extent and costs associated with relevant repairs and future maintenance. Finally legal advisers have critical information to hand within the report should certain aspects need to be verified with the current homeowner and if an estimated property value or an insurance reinstatement cost are required, the surveyor can include these upon request at an additional cost.

Getting a Building Survey in Chelmsford

To get a quote, please click below to complete our online form and one of our team will get back to you with your personalised quote. Costs are dependent on the size of your new house and the type of property that it is. Our team can guide you through the most appropriate options and make sure that everything is in place for your solicitors so that your purchase can go through smoothly.


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