Expert Residential Property Services

As Project Managers, we specialise in delivering exceptional project management solutions along with a wide range of other associated services designed to meet the individual needs of our clients.

  • Redevelopment advice including extensions and new builds
  • Development monitoring throughout a project
  • Contract administration
  • Advice linked to building regulations and Part Wall Matters
  • Schedules of Dilapidations

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RICS Project Management Services

Whatever your requirements you should feel reassured that if instructing Cheke & Co to assist you, our surveyors will retain the relevant qualifications and experience required to deliver a successful project.

  • What We Do

    Elevate your projects with our highly experienced Project Managers. With rich expertise and a commitment to excellence, they orchestrate success from start to finish, ensuring seamless coordination and top-tier results.

  • Development Monitoring

    Trust our development monitoring service to oversee your project’s progress. We keep a watchful eye on every stage, addressing potential issues promptly to ensure your project stays on track. Our proactive approach guarantees timely completion and outstanding results.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Before embarking on any project, a feasibility study is essential. Our service provides thorough analysis and evaluation, helping you make informed decisions. By assessing potential risks, costs, and benefits, you can then pursue you project with confidence.

  • Planning & Building Regulations Advice

    Navigating the complexities of planning and building regulations can be daunting. Our expert advisors offer clear guidance, ensuring your projects adhere to all necessary guidelines and therefore they do get delayed unnecessarily.

Situations Where You Should Invest In Project Management

When it comes to property valuations and surveys, Cheke & Co has you covered. It is important to know when you should consider investing in a project manager.

New Construction

A new residential construction project requires careful planning and execution. As RICS surveyors we can provide specialist guidance from design to completion.

Renovation and Extensions

We can guide you through the entire process ensuring compliance, budget control and a satisfactory completion of your project.

Conversion Projects

Converting spaces, such as lofts or garages and turning a house into multiple flats, necessitates regulatory knowledge and careful planning which is where we can assist.

Listed Building Restoration

Our extensive knowledge will ensure that our client preserves the historical integrity of a listed building and we will also advise on any related conservation guidelines.

Time-Critical Projects

In cases where a project is time sensitive especially if urgent repairs are required or general safety is an issue our advice will ensure the quickest solution without compromising the quality of the project and maintaining legal and safety protocols.

Budget and Cost Control

Keeping residential projects within budget can be challenging. Our financial expertise ensures cost-effective decisions without compromising quality.

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Expert Advice Tailored to Your Needs

Unlock the potential of your residential projects with Cheke & Co.

Whether you are looking for expert project management, accurate valuations, or tailored advice, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Why Choose Us? Chartered Excellence

Elevate your projects with our experienced Chartered Surveyors offering specialist advice in Project Management to ensure seamless coordination for  high quality results.

Regulated by RICS – Royal Institution of Charted Surveyors

Rest easy with our RICS accreditations, adhering to the highest industry standards. Impeccable planning, ethical practices, and strategic coordination define our approach and ensures any projects remains in safe hands.

Bespoke Services – Linked to Your Specific Requirements

From inception to fruition, we navigate each stage of your project’s lifecycle.

Our services encompass modification of an existing building, demolition, and new builds. All overseen by experienced professionals who liaise with all parties involved paying particular attention to contracts, budgets, and compliance.

Clarity in Costs: Providing Financial Confidence

Offering unbiased cost-management advice of your project and providing complete transparency at the very outset in terms of our own charges.


Our Project Managers are suitably accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to offer specialist advice and Project Management on most types of residential projects including refurbishment, extensions, and new builds.

Project Managers who retain Chartered Status with the RICS can offer advice linked to planning permission. However, in many cases especially with larger projects they will liaise with architects and planning experts who prepare all related documentation and retain specific knowledge of the local planning guidelines.

You can visit the official RICS website

or contact them directly to verify a project manager’s chartered status. You can also ask the project manager for their RICS membership number and cross reference this on the RICS website.

Contract administration involves general project management duties. This can include but not be exhaustive of preparing related documentation, tendering contracts, overseeing on site works, managing staged payments and approving requests where applicable from contractors for time extensions to complete works for reasons such as severe weather.

Primarily this type of advice would be provided to those institutions funding a project for a client such as a bank. This could involve staged inspections throughout a project, providing updated valuations or more detailed advice in line with the specific project requirements. The client themselves can also take comfort in the fact that specific matters are being overseen by an industry specialist and any potential issues which may arise are likely to be identified and resolved efficiently.

Yes, feasibility studies assess project viability, consider costs, risks, and benefits, assisting the client or those providing related funding to make balanced decisions.

Planning advice ensures your projects comply with regulations, preventing costly setbacks and legal issues