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Having been established since 1873 Chekes & Co are now widely regarded as one of the leading Chartered Surveying practise servicing Essex, parts of Greater London and the Suffolk borders.

We provide a wide range of surveying-based services to private individuals, small and large regional businesses, charities plus numerous national brands including many ‘High Street’ Banks and Building Societies.

Acting for thousands of private individuals plus various regional and national organisations.

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quote– Jessica Brill –

I recently used Cheke & Co for a Homebuyers survey on my first home and had such a great experience. From my initial enquiry they were responsive with giving details of costings and what their services included etc and made it really easy to understand what I was paying for.

quote– Andy Barrett –

I was in a particular hurry to exchange contracts and at my request Chekes were able to pull out the stops and get the detailed survey report back next working day which I was very grateful for. The report was well presented, easy to understand and thorough.

About Cheke & Co.

Surveyors for Residential and Commercial Property

First established in 1873 and now part of the Beresfords Group we undertake a wide range of surveying related work within both the residential and commercial property sectors.

All our surveyors are suitably qualified retaining RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) status and undertake work in parts of Greater London throughout Essex and out to the Suffolk borders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in professional surveying services can be highly beneficial for any residential or commercial property within Essex and its surroundings. Cheke & Co. building surveyors are experts in their field and offer a wide range of services tailored to clients’ individual needs. This includes assessing building defects, providing detailed reports on building condition/compliance, and performing feasibility studies before development projects.

Below are a few of the most common questions that we are asked. To find out more please contact us.

A Chartered Building Surveyor is a professional with a unique and wide-ranging skill set. They can assess the construction and condition of all types of residential and commercial property and advise clients about many issues associated with land, property, and construction.

Professional members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are identifiable by MRICS or FRICS accreditations. There is also a technical membership level known as AssocRICS, but those surveyors with this accreditation are limited in terms of the type of work they can undertake until they have acquired further qualifications.

Chartered Building Surveyors often specialise in certain areas, including pre-purchase condition surveys of properties, and overseeing construction projects, from extensions, refurbishments, and all types of new build projects. Party wall matters, dilapidations and more general advice on building defects are other areas where Chartered Building Surveyors can assist.

The RICS also have a ‘Registered Valuer’ accreditation which is awarded to Surveyors with additional expertise to assess and report on the value of properties. When purchasing a property, a Chartered Surveyor that is also a Registered valuer can advise whether a purchase price is reasonable, having considered current market conditions at that time, the general condition of the property in question and other comparable types of property which may have sold recently nearby.

At Cheke & Co all our Chartered Building Surveyors have full professional accreditation as well as Registered Valuer status. So, if you need advice regarding your property or project, we would be delighted to assist.

Experienced local surveyors should not only be suitably qualified to assess the general structure of buildings but also have a detailed knowledge of the specific geographical areas that they cover. For example, certain parts of Essex have clay-based soil whilst others could be more susceptible to flooding hence why comprehensive local expertise is crucial.

The ultimate objective when appointing a surveyor is to ensure that the property concerned, be it residential or commercial is structurally sound. Any defects should be identified, and suggestions provided in terms of how to rectify them. This is particularly relevant to anyone looking to purchase a property as the findings of a surveyor and any associated advice provided should enable the purchaser to make a balanced decision before committing to formally complete their purchase.

It must be remembered that there are many different less obvious areas where the services of a surveyor may be required. However not every Surveyor is suitably qualified to advise on all aspects so it’s important to source someone who retains the relevant specialist skills and experience to match your specific requirements. At Cheke & Co our team of Surveyors are suitably qualified and equipped to provide professional and reliable advice across both the residential and commercial sectors. More information can be found here.

Naturally, the type of assessment undertaken can vary depending on the specific requirements of every client. In the most common of cases either a RICS Level 1 Homebuyers Report or RICS Level 2 Building Survey will be undertaken by a suitably qualified Surveyor. They will inspect the entire property from top to bottom looking for any visible signs of damage or structural defects both internally and externally. However, there are also other types of surveys for other specific purposes and a full summary of our full range of services can be found here.

Once an inspection has been conducted the Surveyor should then produce a detailed report which is then dispatched to the client. If potential issues are identified the surveyor will normally include within their report recommendations in terms of how they can be rectified. This may include advice that a specific issue requires further investigation by other third-party specialists. Typical examples could include Structural Engineers, Damp Specialists, Roofers, Gas Engineers, and Electricians.

Our own Surveyors retain the relevant qualifications and local knowledge required to undertake detailed inspections on various types of residential and commercial property. Our reports are comprehensive but worded in a way that are easy to understand.

The most common surveys provided on residential properties are either the RICS level 2 Homebuyer Survey and Valuation or level 3 Building survey. The level 2 report is generally intended for a standard type of property which has been constructed within the last 100 years. The level 2 report tends to be requested on larger, older, or non-standard types of properties and will provide more comprehensive advice in terms of the general construction and condition.

There are also inspections conducted for other reasons and not just on residential property. For example, as new tenants occupy a commercial property a surveyor will often be instructed to conduct an inspection and prepare what’s commonly known as a Schedule of Condition. This report will identify in detail the general condition of each part of the premises and when tenants come to the end of their tenancy at a later date and move out the report is used to compare the condition of the property as it was when the tenants moved in to its condition at the end of tenancy. Where clear deterioration is visible and deemed beyond general wear and tear, negotiations are undertaken in terms of who is to contribute financially to reinstate the property back into a good state of repair.

At Cheke & Co our surveyors retain extensive experience covering both urban and rural areas. Using ‘state of the art’ technology including 3D laser scanning systems and drones we offer a broad range of specialist services spanning both the residential and commercial sectors. A summary of our services can be found here.

A suitably qualified Surveyor should be able to identify various defects in a property some of which will not be clearly visible to others. Common examples can include some of the following.

  • Structural damage caused by dampness, water ingress, subsidence, and movement of foundations.
  • Drainage issues resulting from inadequate surface water run-off.
  • Safety hazards due to a lack of maintenance or defective electrics.
  • Fire protection deficiencies linked with incorrect compartmentation.
  • Infestation due to poor pest control
  • General deterioration of specific aspects such as electrics, plumbing, roof, and windows

At Cheke & Co our surveyors retain extensive industry experience, are suitably qualified to detect relevant issues and offer practical advice in terms of how to resolve them.

Whether buying a residential property, already living in one or involved within the commercial sector, there will be occasions where the structure and general condition of the property concerned may need to be investigated further. Failure to do so could mean that certain defects remain invisible whilst others although visible may not appear serious to the untrained eye, but this may not in fact be the case. Also, what initially appears to be something relatively insignificant could become more serious over time if not addressed appropriately when first identified.

Often people will simply put off asking a specialist to provide advice due to the upfront costs involved. However, in almost every instance the problem does not simply disappear but just gets worse. Inevitably at some point the problem reaches a stage where it must be dealt with but by then the costs involved to rectify have escalated considerably.

If caught early enough most issues can be relatively inexpensive to resolve. In our experience the more serious defects that we have come across over the years have only reached that point because they have either not been identified earlier enough by an appropriate specialist or the issues have simply been left unattended for far too long.

At Cheke & Co our experienced Surveyors are happy to have an initial conversation without obligation regarding your individual requirements and free quotations regarding any of our specialist services can be provided upon request.


Location is especially important when it comes to Building Surveys in Essex as terrain type and general accessibility may impact the price charged by a surveyor due to the amount of time required to complete the job thoroughly.

Complexity of work is also a deciding factor. Projects with more complicated structures or those requiring detailed measurements and related drawings often add additional labour costs.

Equipment also plays its part with more detailed projects such a laser measuring technology and the use of drones.

Inevitably with every survey it will involve some sort of inspection, then the Surveyor will need to undertake specific research on certain aspects and compile a detailed report. The time required to complete everything properly from start to finish will of course vary depending on the job itself and the associated requirements of the client.

Certainly, from our perspective Cheke & Co always remain as competitive as possible in terms of the fees we charge. However, this will not be at the expense of compromising our high service standard as ultimately like most other things in life it’s true when they say, ‘you only get what you pay for!’ Free quotations are available by request so just get in touch via your preferred means.


When seeking the services of a Surveyor in Essex make sure you enlist the help of someone who retains the appropriate experience and professional qualifications to handle matters effectively on your behalf.

For most types of survey-based work the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors more commonly know as the RICS are the recognised professional body which regulate the surveying industry. Individual surveyors must be members and retain at the very least Registered Chartered Status. Some surveyors including our own hold additional qualifications such as Registered Valuer Status. If you contact a firm of Surveyors or an individual directly, they should be able to confirm their accredited status, or alternatively you can conduct your own research online.

If dealing with a company, then they should be able to demonstrate a proven-track record within their field and reviewing customer reviews are a good way to determine if you are dealing with a professional organisation with a proven track record.

From our perspective Cheke & Co have been operating for more than 150 years so we would like to think that this level of local knowledge and expertise sets us apart from other surveying practises. Furthermore, although our surveyors retain both ‘Registered’ and ‘Valuer’ Status with the RICS Cheke & Co as a business also hold a British Standard quality assurance award in recognition of our sound management practises.

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Of course, the price paid for a survey will very much be determined by the type required and the associated time involved in inspecting the property, conducting relevant research, and compiling a report.

It is generally accepted that prices for the same type of job will also vary slightly between Surveying companies. Notwithstanding this when instructing a surveyor to inspect a property which is likely to either be your most valuable asset or certainly one of them, opting for the cheapest price and saving a few hundred pounds in the process could prove to be a costly mistake. Not all surveyors retain the same level of experience and which in turn could mean they fail to identify certain issues within a property that could end up proving far more expensive to rectify than the few hundred pounds saved at the outset.

When retrieving a quotation make sure you are informed about all related costs linked to your requirements. There should be no ‘hidden charges’ but not everyone is fully transparent in this regard. The last thing you would want is to commit and instruct a surveyor only to then find out later on that their costs end up being much higher than first indicated. A reputable surveyor if self-employed or working for a company should provide clear indications of all associated charges from the outset as part of their initial quotation.

At Cheke & Co we can schedule an initial discussion with one of our surveyors where you can explain what type of service is required. They will explain the general process from start to finish and prepare a free fee quotation without obligation.

A summary of the full range of surveying services that we provide can be found here or you can get in touch: