Residential Property Valuation

When it comes to the value of a residential property, it is essential that the person responsible for providing the valuation is suitably qualified, experienced, and equipped to do so.

Any credible Surveyor providing this type of service will need to retain formal ‘valuation status’ and at Cheke & Co, those individual responsible for providing valuation assessments retain the necessary qualifications to do so. They offer a range of valuation services to cover various scenarios and a few examples would include the purchase of a property, for inheritance tax purposes or matrimonial disputes.


  • A proven track record since 1879
  • Suitably qualified personnel retaining accredited ‘valuation status.’
  • Accurate valuations based on extensive local knowledge.

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Expert Residential Property Valuation Services

When it comes to property valuation, precision matters.

Our team at Cheke & Co understands the significance of accurate property assessments, and we’re here to guide you through the process with expertise and professionalism.

Whether you’re seeking property valuations for legal, financial, or personal reasons, our RICS-certified surveyors retain the accredited ‘valuation status’ which is required to provide accurate and reliable valuations.

  • Specialised Valuation Services

    When you choose Cheke & Co, you’re opting for excellence in property valuation.

    Our specialised valuation services cover a broad spectrum of needs, ensuring that you receive the most accurate assessment for your property.

  • RICS Compliant ‘Red Book’ Valuations

    When legal and financial matters demand a trustworthy valuation, our RICS-compliant ‘Red Book’ valuations deliver. Our experts adhere to the highest industry standards, providing you with accurate valuations that can be relied upon.

  • Inheritance Tax/Probate Valuations

    Navigating the complexities of inheritance tax and Probate often includes property valuations. Our services ensure fair and accurate assessments based on detailed knowledge of the area within which a property may be located and industry expertise.

  • Matrimonial Valuations

    Generally, such issues can be sensitive and sometimes contentious. Property often forms a large part of any estate being disputed hence the need for it to be assessed by someone who is suitably qualified and equipped to provide an accurate valuation. This should then assist with any negotiations between all parties involved.

  • Help-to-Buy/Target HCA Valuations

    We deal with all types of surveys linked to Help to Buy but the most common Administrator across the South of Engand is Lenvi who we undertake lots of work for. Our valuations are used to assess the uplift in value since a purchaser bought the property to ascertain what their share may now be worth so they can consider repaying it.

  • Lease Extension Valuations

    Where the unexpired term of a lease on a residential property falls below a certain number of years, most lenders will refuse to grant a mortgage. As a result, this can have a negative effect on both its value and general saleability. Our experts can provide concise advice in such situations and offer practical solutions which could include extending the term of lease so that it no longer creates an issue for the current owner in terms of the value and any future buyer looking to secure a mortgage.

  • Shared Ownership Valuation Surveyors

    The ownership of a property may be shared between two separate parties for a pre-defined period. The most common example would be where a local council may offer a tenant the opportunity to initially buy a small share in a property with the opportunity of increasing this over time. Our surveyors understand the intricacies of this arrangement and provide associated valuations specifically fit for this purpose.

  • Property Insurance Valuation

    Protecting your property starts with accurate insurance valuations. Our services ensure that your property is adequately protected in case of unforeseen events such as fire or flooding.

  • Land Valuations

    This is very much a specialist field and not all Surveyors can provide the advice required when it comes to land valuations.

    Our surveyors are suitably qualified and equipped to undertake the necessary research and prepare an appropriate valuation appraisal.

Situations Requiring Property Surveys

There are several situations where obtaining a property survey is crucial. Our expert surveyors offer insights and assessments tailored to these scenarios.


Ascertain the overall condition of a property, be aware of any potential issues and the related repair costs before proceeding to formally exchange contracts.

Home Sale

Selling your home? Our presale surveys highlight areas that need attention, helping you enhance your property's appeal and value.


Obtain a survey to secure the level of funding required, ascertain its current value, and identify any issues which could require attention.


Specialist advice and reports linked to property renovations or extensions. They will comment on the current condition and provide recommendations in terms of improvements which could enhance general living space, value, and overall curb appeal.

Property Disputes

Production of detailed condition reports that will identify potential issues deemed to be beyond fair wear and tear which should then ultimately assist with dispute resolution between various parties.

Structural Concerns

Comprehensive survey reports which identify specific areas of concern linked to the general construction of a property and which also offer recommendations in terms of how to resolve the related issues.

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Making Informed Property Decisions

Gain valuable insights into your property’s true value and navigate this sector of the property market with greater confidence.

Whether the property in question is your main home or another type of investment it is an important asset regardless.

We always advise not leaving major decisions to chance and when it comes to a property’s general construction, condition or value always seek the assistance of a reputable surveyor who is adequately qualified and equipped to handle matters effectively on your behalf.

At Cheke & Co our surveyors can conduct a comprehensive inspection and retain ‘valuation status.’ This is a professional accreditation which means they can also provide comment on its current market value. Not all surveyors retain this qualification so we suggest you make this an essential part of your decision-making process should you require a valuation as well as a survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

A residential property valuation is a professional assessment of its value in line with current market conditions at that given moment in time. It will take into consideration the location of the property, its general construction, size, condition and draw comparisons with other similar properties nearby.

Homeowners or investors may need to periodically assess the value of a property they own. There may be various reasons for this which include re-mortgaging, a matrimonial dispute or for probate purposes.

If buying a property, the purchaser will need to feel reassured they are paying a fair price for the property in line with current market conditions at that time. Where a loan is linked to a purchase then the relevant lender will generally insist on a valuation being provided as part of their lending criteria.


An estate agent can provide an open market valuation based on current market conditions. However, if linked to any form of loan, matrimonial issue or for probate purposes etc a more formal valuation will be required.

A fully quailed surveyor will be able to deal with this providing they retain specific accreditations. They would need to a member of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), the professional body which regulates the surveying industry and also retain formal ‘valuation status.

Although Cheke & Co’s surveyors hold all necessary qualifications to undertake the more formal valuations this may not be the case elsewhere, so it is worth checking in advance of instructing someone to act on your behalf.

Not necessarily and for various reasons. The property’s advertised price can be set by the current owner, their agent, or a combination of both.

A professional valuation may be requested by a purchaser or the lender providing the finance and they will want to be sure the agreed sale price is fair and in line with current market conditions.

A suitably qualified surveyor will act for those instructing them to act on their behalf and generally offer an independent opinion based on extensive research and a detailed analysis of the property’s overall condition.

Property valuations are recommended when significant changes occur, such as before selling, refinancing, or making substantial renovations.

If a valuation is not for a specific reason such as purchasing, remortgaging, matrimonial or probate purposes etc then local estate agents are generally happy to provide updates periodically in line with current market conditions at the specific time in question.



Location will always play an important part of any property valuation.

Properties in desirable neighbourhoods with good amenities and proximity to schools, parks, and public transport tend to have higher values.

Online tools can provide a general guide but are based on a wide range of data incorporating all types of properties.

In contrast a suitably qualified surveyor with detailed knowledge of the specific area within which the property is located will conduct a thorough assessment based on an internal inspection and further in-depth analysis.

The cost of a property valuation varies based on factors such as the property’s size, location, complexity, and the purpose of the valuation. If you provide us with some basic information, we can advise without obligation which service will best suit your needs and outline the related costs involved.

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