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Party Wall Matters

At Cheke & Co, our surveyors retain extensive knowledge of party wall matters so whether you’re a property owner or neighbour of someone undertaking works to an adjoining property our team are on hand to provide the relevant advice.

  • Party Wall Agreements

    When planning construction works are near to or on a party wall, it’s essential to establish clear agreements to prevent disputes. Our experienced surveyors can meet those affected on site to review related proposals and then complete the associated documentation. This should ensure a smooth and stress-free transition through to a mutually acceptable conclusion for all concerned.

  • Party Wall Surveys

    Before any major works commence, our party wall surveyors can conduct comprehensive surveys to assess the condition of party walls and any other areas of the neighbouring properties which could be affected as a result. This could identify potential risks and ensures the project adheres to all related legal requirements.

  • Party Wall Dispute Resolution

    Party wall disputes can disrupt a project’s timeline and strain relationships. Our surveyors adopt a pro-active approach throughout with the aim of avoiding any potential disputes between the relevant parties involved. As part of their process, they remain in touch periodically throughout the project and revisit the property should it become necessary. Where issues do arise, our surveyor would revert to the terms of the Party Wall Agreement and provide relevant advice in terms of how to reach an amicable resolution.

  • Party Wall Awards

    Obtaining a party wall award from qualified surveyors is a legal requirement for certain construction projects. At Cheke & Co, our chartered surveyors provide detailed party wall awards, outlining the scope of work, schedules, and conditions. Rely on our expertise to ensure compliance and a successful project outcome.

Situations Requiring a Chartered Surveyor

When should you consult a chartered surveyor regarding party wall matters? We’ve got you covered:

New Construction

If you're planning a new build near a party wall, our surveyors ensure compliance and minimize potential risks.

Property Extensions

When extending your property, our Chartered Surveyors can advise on the structural integrity of party walls and neighbouring properties.

Excavation Near Boundaries

We can provide specific advice prior to any excavations commencing near party walls.

Party Wall Disputes

In cases of conflict, our experienced surveyors act as mediators with the aim of securing mutually acceptable resolutions.

Adjoining Owners Concerns

If you're a neighbour of a property undertaking works, we can address any concerns and ensure that your rights are protected.

Change of Use

Our surveyors assess party walls for compatibility with changing property use.

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Why Choose Cheke & Co

Our surveyors retain the relevant level of expertise and years of experience dealing with Party Wall related matters.

We understand the intricacies of party wall agreements, enabling us to provide tailored solutions which safeguard your interests and ensure project success.


  • Understanding The Party Wall Act

    The Party Wall Act is a cornerstone of construction law in England and Wales. Its purpose is to preempt disputes and provide a clear legal framework for situations where works, like kitchen extensions, loft conversions, or excavations, could impact party structures. These structures include shared walls, boundary walls, and even foundations.

  • Notifiable Work Under The Act

    The Act categorises notifiable work into three distinct sections:

    Section 1: New Boundary Walls This section covers the construction of new walls along the boundary. These walls, whether built up to the boundary wall or shared on the boundary wall, require careful consideration. While walls don’t demand the neighbour’s consent, walls necessitate agreement.

    Section 2: Work to a Party Wall Here, the Act lists various work types, from underpinning for basement excavations to repairs and rebuilding. The Act’s requirements ensure that the structural integrity of both parties’ properties is maintained during and after the work.

    Section 3: Excavations This section pertains to excavations for foundations within 3 metres of a neighbouring property and deeper than their existing foundations. The Act takes into account the potential impacts on neighbouring structures.

  • The Party Wall Procedure: A Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Service of Notices Building Owners must notify Affected Adjoining Owners of notifiable work under Sections 1, 2, and 6 of the Act. This can be undertaken by appointed surveyors or the homeowners themselves. Notice periods vary from 1 to 2 months.

    2. Response Upon receiving notice, Adjoining Owners can consent or dissent. This indicates whether they wish to appoint surveyors to represent their property interests. Responses include consent, dissent with agreement on a surveyor, and dissent with separate surveyor appointments.

    3. Schedule of Condition Before work begins, a photographic and written record of the Adjoining Owner’s property is created. This record assists surveyors in assessing any potential damage resulting from the work.

    4. Agreeing the Party Wall Award The Award sets out the notifiable work’s details, manner of execution, and timelines. It may specify requirements such as hand tools for certain tasks. Surveyors’ involvement ensures clarity and fairness.

    5. Service The finalised Award, including relevant drawings, is served on both owners. The Building Owner can begin work upon passing or waiving any notice periods.

    6. Final Inspection After work completion, surveyors inspect the property against the Schedule of Condition. If damage is noted, repairs are initiated, or compensation is offered.


Got questions about party wall matters? We’ve got answers:

A party wall agreement is a legal document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of property owners when construction work affects shared walls or boundaries.

If your construction project and any related excavations may affect the walls of adjoining properties, then it is advised a party wall surveyor be consulted to ensure legal compliance and to avoid any potential disputes.

The timeline varies based on the complexity of the dispute. Our expert surveyors work diligently to ensure swift and mutually acceptable resolutions.

Prior to a project commencing a party wall survey is undertaken to assess the condition of any party walls of neighbouring properties. It will also offer recommendations on any specific measures considered appropriate to mitigate risks.

No, obtaining a party wall award is a legal requirement for certain construction projects and to ensure full compliance our surveyors can provide all relevant advice and associated documentation.