Target Valuations

Target Valuations

Target Valuations

If you’re now at the stage where you want to sell your Help to Buy home, or maybe you want to change the equity you have, our Help to Buy valuation service will provide Target Compliant property valuation to help you move forward.


What is a Target-compliant property valuation?

Target HCA is the entity that administers the Help to Buy Scheme on behalf of the government. Your Help to Buy report will cover all the requirements set out them and will provide you with the independent property valuation that you need to have to move forward with your sale or remortgage.

Why do I need a report?

The following guidance is provided by the government:

Remortgaging a Help to Buy property

Selling your Help to Buy property

Regardless of what your plans are, a valuation is needed you get the current value of your home. This needs to be made by a certified RICS surveyor and it is something that you need to request and pay for, then pass to Homes England.


When should I get the report done?

Your valuation report is valid for 3 months from the date it was produced. It is possible to get an extension for 1 month (you’ll need to talk to us again) but ideally you should aim to get the report created within a sensible time frame for you to complete the process within 90 days. Our surveyors are very used to this process so you can let us know where you’re up to when you talk to us and we’ll schedule the timings to work with your sale.

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