Homebuyers Report

A Homebuyer report (or Homebuyers Survey) is our most popular survey because it provides concise and affordable advice relating to the condition of a property and will also alert a client to any potential defects in advance of them completing their purchase.

It consists of a comprehensive visual inspection of all accessible areas and comments on the external and internal parts of the property along with its related services and outbuildings.

The Homebuyer report uses a clear traffic light rating system to advise on the property’s condition and identifies any issues which may require attention. It will also offer estimated costings to rectify particular defects along with recommendations for further investigation by specialist contractors on specific points, if considered relevant.

It is suitable for homes built within the last hundred years constructed with traditional materials. If the property is very large, listed or generally in a poor state of repair then we would always recommend that a Building Survey would be a more appropriate report.

Why do I need a Homebuyers Report

Whilst it is not an essential part of s house purchase, it is strongly advised that anyone buying a new house or flat gets their own homebuyers survey before confirming the sale.

Our surveyors are RICS certified