Matrimonial Valuations

Cheke & Co provide a wide range of residential valuation services, including Probate valuations, Inheritance Tax (IHT) valuations, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) valuations, Matrimonial and Divorce Settlement valuations. All of the valuations we produce are RICS Red Book compliant.

  • Highly experienced Chartered Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers
  • Quality assurance for all reports - BS ISO 9001-2015 accredited.
  • An established name in surveying for 150 years.
  • We go above and beyond to support our client’s needs.

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Our highly skilled team of RICS Registered Valuers have years of experience producing quality, compliant property valuations.

All of our valuations are produced in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Global standards, known as the Red Book. This means that no matter your circumstances, you can rely on Cheke & Co to produce an accurate report that meets the highest valuation standards.

We are here to help our clients take care of their assets and make informed financial decisions.

We can help you with the following types of valuation:

  • Probate Valuation

    An accurate value of a property or estate. This type of valuation is required after the death of an owner of estate. The valuation provides an accurate value of a house or estate, which solicitors will then use to communicate with HMRC. Valuation used for the administration of estate.

  • Help to Buy Valuation

    A property that you purchased with the benefit of a UK Government Help to Buy Loan. For Target HCA when selling or remortgaging a property that you have had a UK Government Help to Buy loan.

  • Matrimonial Valuation

    A Matrimonial Valuation is used by the UK Courts during divorce proceedings between a couple. Valuations are required to comply with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).

  • Inheritance Tax Valuation

    IHT valuations are used to ascertain the value of an estate on the date of an owner’s death. The information is provided to HMRC to determine the tax liable on the inherited estate.

  • Capital Gains Tax Valuation

    A CGT valuation is required when assessing the tax payable due to the increase in a property’s value between two identifiable dates. This valuation is then used to ascertain the Capital Gains Tax owed.

There are a number of situations that will require any of these Red Book compliant market valuations to be prepared, such as:


Lenders require valuations for mortgage, equity release and bridging loans.


Executors of Estates require a valuation if a property is gifted to Charities.

Target HCA

When repaying the UK Governments Help to Buy loan.


For Inheritance and Capital gains tax assessments.

UK Courts

During divorce or dispute proceedings, for example.

Housing Associations

Valuations are needed when selling or purchasing additional equity.

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Each of the above situations require up to date knowledge of the local housing market and the appropriate skills to prepare the valuation in accordance with the relevant legislation and guidance.

The reports we produce are detailed and describe all the factors that need to be considered in arriving at a formal property valuation. We also work hard to make sure our clients fully understand the advice we provide in our reports via clear and concise communication.

Founded in 1873, Cheke & Co has gone on to become an established name in surveying. Some of the largest lenders and best professional firms have trusted us to provide surveying advice for decades.

Please contact us either by phone or via our contact form to discuss how we can help with your valuation requirements.

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