Valuation Surveyors

A valuation surveyor carries out valuations on residential, commercial or industrial property, organises its sale or rent and advises on investment, development and management of properties. You may also hear them be described as commercial or residential surveyors.

Why do I need a surveyor valuation?

Sometimes a professional valuation is required rather than the advice of an estate agent. This is normally because lenders, solicitors or accountants require a valuation that has been prepared in accordance with The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors professional standards. Outlined below is a summary of the various types of valuation work we undertake.

  • Purchase – Valuations for purchases where no mortgage is required
  • Investment – Valuations for buy-to-let purposes
  • Secured Loans – Valuations for lending purposes
  • Help-to-Buy – Valuations for Government approved purchase schemes
  • New Build – Valuations of land with planning permission to build
  • Divorce – Valuations for dispute resolution or litigation
  • Shared Ownership Properties – Stair-casing or sales of ownership tranches
  • Inheritance Tax – Valuations used by solicitors relating to HMRC issues
  • Capital Gains Tax Valuations – for solicitors and accountants linked to HMRC
  • Charity Valuations – Valuations required for Charities under UK Law

If you think that you need to get a separate valuation for your residential or commercial property, get in touch with the team at Chekes and we’ll advise you on exactly what you need and how to go about getting the correct documentation.